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SMN Technology Private Limited provides technology products and software services for today’s business needs. We are specialised in Biometric devices supply with HRMS software and CCTV. We provide complete solutions with onsite support for biometric device installation, software implementation and workers registration. We have customer base where we manage more than 25,000 workers. Our team consists of experienced developers and solution providers who are working together to meet clients today’s business challenges.
  • Employee Management
  • Multiple Shift Management
  • Shift Assignment
  • Multiple Leave Type
  • Carry forward Leaves
  • Holiday Tracking

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Biometric cards: A great unifie

     Early last year, Morocco decided to make it mandatory to have national identity cards as part of measures to combat terrorism. Within a span of months, over a million biometric identity cards have been issued. These cards encompass certificate of birth, residence and related personal details, besides biometric data on a microchip?all of which makes it eligible to be used as a identity document for travel. Over the next few years, the National Security Service(DSGN) of Morocco plans to issue 20 million such cards to anyone who is over 18 in that kingdom.

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